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Professional sports medical advice

Adlon Sportmedisch Adviescentrum

Adlon is a professional test, advice and guidance centre for athletes who are seeking to improve their performances with the help of science. Adlon targets both amateurs and professionals in a broad range of disciplines.


  • sport related medical advice, also for athletes (pro and amateur) with disabilities 
  • medical examination, ran by sport specialists and approved examination physicians
  • social/scientific support of relevant activities

When first contacting Liswood & Tache for the creation of a logo and website, the organisation's name was "Limburgs Sportmedisch Adviescentrum". It didn't take us long to convince the management that that was more of a baseline. And that we could certainly come up with a more catchy and convincing brand name.


Services delivered

  • brand creation
  • logo
  • website
  • brochure



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