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Digital Film Exposure Calculator App

GE Measurement & Control

GE Measurement & Control is the exclusive provider of Agfa’s renowned STRUCTURIX industrial X-ray films.


For 70 years now, STRUCTURIX  has been synonymous with quality, a product that established its global reputation in the highly demanding field of non-destructive testing. STRUCTURIX  film systems ensure consistent results, picture after picture, every time.


GE Measurement & Control asked Liswood & Tache to assist them with the development of a contemporary "present" to celebrate this 70th anniversary.


That resulted in a digital film exposure calculator mobile app - a quick and easy tool to calculate exposure times for GE STRUCTURIX  Films, both for Isotopes and X-Ray. Inspectors can now calculate the exposure time for their project in just a couple of seconds. On a device they always have at hand: their smartphone.


Next to that, Liswood & Tache created the overall theme for the „festive year campaign” and applied it to a wide variety of communication means, ranging from on- and offline invitations to a dedicated website, neatly integrated in the GE Measurement & Control website.










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