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'Underdog' Torrekens Tobacco Belgium is launching a new cigarette on the Belgian market, called Maya. Within the bounds of the strict Belgian legislation, it is up to Liswood & Tache to at least match the successful market launches in France, Spain and Luxembourg.


Point of sale communication

The point of sale is the only place where there can be communication with the smoker about his product, and this plays a pivotal role in the approach. In addition to the striking packaging, stylish yet eye-catching in-store communication has to persuade the consumer to swap his regular brand for a pack of Maya on one occasion – with the aim of the exchange becoming permanent thereafter.

A simple savings programme and an attractive competition are used to encourage the storekeeper to (re-)order Maya and to give the product the necessary visibility. Finally, advertisements and PR in specialist journals give the manufacturer the assurance that distributors as well as retailers are finding out about Maya.

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